Carmen Electra is officially a cougar

Carmen Electra secretly dating Max George

Carmen Electra is apparently secretly dating The Wanted frontman Max George (aka the ex of Lindsay Lohan, Nina Agdal, random club sluts everywhere, etc.). And since Max is 25 and Carmen is 41, that means she’s officially a cougar now. Congrats. A source told the Daily Star:

“When they met in LA they immediately fancied each other but they only swapped numbers at first. Then Max began texting her quite regularly. Soon they started secretly meeting up whenever he was in the States, but tried to keep it low-key. Max has been boasting a lot to his bandmates about pulling Carmen, and they admit they’re quite jealous. He even said she might just be his most impressive conquest yet.”

Look, I get it. Carmen Electra is still hot as shit. She’s one of the all-time hottest bitches of the ’90s, but it’s 2013 now. If you take a quick peek at Carmen’s cock roster, you’ll see that Max isn’t breaking any kind of new ground here. Bragging about banging Carmen Electra is like bragging about the Big Mac you had for lunch. Newsflash, Max: everyone has had a Big Mac at some point in their lifetime.


October 8, 2013 - 2:15 pm