Blake Shelton really wants to hump Christina Aguilera

Blake Shelton really wants to hump Christina Aguilera

Blake Shelton really wants to hump his Voice co-star Christina Aguilera, but it turns out his wife Miranda Lambert doesn’t want him to. I know, right? What a total bitch! A source told the National Enquirer:

“Blake’s already confessed to  having a crush on Christina, and Miranda is furious that he won’t stop talking about her,” said a source. “After he came home from the Voice set raving about how fabulous Christina looks, Miranda lit into him. She was really upset, especially after Blake gushed about how sexy Christina looked and how he wished Miranda had as good a figure. Miranda told him in no uncertain terms that the ‘free pass’ she gave him before is now officially and permanently revoked.

“With Christina looking so sexy these days, Miranda is a bundle of nerves. Her marriage is hanging by a thread, and Miranda fears the temptation of being around Christina for long hours day after day may be too much for Blake. She knows better than anyone that Blake doesn’t have the best impulse control.” (Print Edition 10/14)

This Miranda Lambert gal sounds intolerant. Why shouldn’t Blake want to shoot goo into Xtina? She obviously worked hard to get back into decent shape, so he might as well enjoy the fruits of her labor. If Miranda has a problem with that, then maybe she should cut back on the carbs and join the party. Lord knows she could stand to drop a few pounds herself — her boobs are almost getting as big as Jonah Hill’s.

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October 14, 2013 - 6:30 am