Emily Ratajkowski is the big winner

Emily Ratajkowski is thirsty

Emily Ratajkowski is on fire right now. She’s been smoking hot for years, but finally hit the mainstream after appearing in the Blurred Lines music video. And now Esquire just named her the “Woman of the Year” whatever the hell that is. Via Fox:

In the magazine’s very first “Woman of the Year” tally, readers cast their votes on their favorite ladies of the year — be it actresses, pop stars or models. With 64.6 percent of the vote, Ratajkowski beat out the likes of “Hunger Games” star and resident funny girl Jennifer Lawrence and America’s favorite supermodel Kate Upton.

Oh my sweet baby Jesus, Esquire finally got it right. Women are to be celebrated with vigor . . . as long as those women are the Emily Ratajkowski type (the smoking hot, big tittied, dirty dancing type usually found working gentlemen’s clubs near your local airport). It’s about time, too. I want to go back to the days when a woman could get what she wanted by losing the clothes and blasting the nips. The feminism movement has run its course, if you ask me. You can vote now (*sigh*), so time to step aside and let chicks like Emily take center stage.

October 31, 2013 - 8:00 am