Kris Jenner was in tears when Kim’s sex tape was released

Kris Jenner out for lunch in Beverly Hills (10/30)

Kris Jenner tells Joan Rivers on her new webseries In Bed With Joan (*shudders*) that she cried herself to sleep when her daughter’s sex tape first came out:

“I cried myself to sleep…I don’t think anything can prepare you for something like that when it comes to your daughter. I had to go into a room and cry for a couple days and say, ‘okay, pull yourself to-fucking-gether because you have to be here for all these kids and your family, and you have to show them as an example how to get through this.'”

I don’t doubt for a second that Kris Jenner was in tears when Kim’s sex tape came out. I just think it’s for a different reason than she’s implying. “I can’t help but think — *sniff* —  that I should have negotiated a cut of the backend — *wipes away tear* — instead of just a lump sum payment up front. I have failed as an exploitative mother — *sniff* — and I can only hope to get better in the coming years.”


November 7, 2013 - 2:15 pm