Kate Upton and her boyfriend broke up

Kate Upton is single

After six months of dating, Kate Upton and her boyfriend, professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, have split up. There was a rumor late last month that the two were having problems, and now “multiple sources” have confirmed the break-up to Us Weekly:

“They are really good friends still and speak all the time, but their schedules just made it too difficult and it fell apart,” an insider tells Us. “[Chmerkovskiy] has a lot of respect for her, but it just wasn’t working anymore.”

Schedule problems? Oh that’s rich. Take a look at that picture of Kate above and tell me that you’d ever dump her because she gets off at 5, but you’re never off until 7. Schedule problems sounds like a euphemism for “I fucked a Dancing with the Stars groupie and now Kate won’t return my calls.” Don’t forget your seat belt, Maksim. It’s a bumpy ride back down into irrelevance.