Alexandra Daddario is my new favorite actress

Alexandra Daddario butt ass naked in True Detective

The ridiculously-beautiful Alexandra Daddario (White Collar, Percy Jackson & The Olympians) stars in the new HBO series True Detective. And by “stars” I mean “gets butt-ass naked” in the second episode. The actress tells MTV News that she was totally cool with the nudity aspect of the series:

“I really wanted to be part of the show, and I understood why the nudity and all of that was required of the character…. The character is really different from anything that I’ve done before. The nudity was just part of that.”

On the day of the shoot, Daddario took comfort in her more costar, whose experience helped her through a situation that could have been awkward.

“Woody [Harrelson] has done so many different things. He made the whole situation very comfortable,” Daddario said. “It wasn’t anything awkward in that sense. I tried not to think about it too much before shooting the more intimate scenes and just sort of did it. [Harrelson] has been there done that. He’s Woody Harrelson. If there’s anybody that I was going to be comfortable with, it’s somebody like him.”

Buddies, after you click through these images of Alexandra and her “talents,” let me tell you that your lives are going to change. The fact that Alexandra is legit enough to put those sweet melons on display not only tells me she’s a great actress, but it also says that her handlers absolutely suck for keeping their client’s gifts under wraps for so long. Before you download the second episode of True Detective (Pirate Bay FTW), I think you guys needs a few props handy (pun fully intended) for the viewing. Fellas, I recommend you buy the Vaseline/Kleenex value pack from Costco, because you will suffer a brutal case of Indian burn if you go old-school with your fap session. Ladies? Now is not the time to be bashful — be smart and buy yourselves a carpal tunnel syndrome wrist guard (you’ll thank me in the morning). That’s how spectacular the headlights are, kids. Now we see why Katy Perry picked her game up recently — there’s a new Queen of Cleavage in town, and her name is Alexandra Daddario.

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January 24, 2014 - 8:45 am