‘Don’t you know who I am?’

Kendall Jenner leaving E! studios in L.A. (1/9)

“Don’t you know who I am?” No, actually, I don’t. Now fucking pay me. Mike Walker at the National Enquirer has the story about Kendall Jenner finally realizing that she’s not as famous as she thinks she is:

…says My SpyWitness: “Kendall had her car washed and gassed at Auto Spa in Calabasas, but couldn’t pay because she’d left her wallet in another bag – so she asked the woman behind the counter to let her take her car home, and she’d come back and pay.

When the woman refused to hand over her keys, our barely-legal star hissed, ‘I’m Kendall Jenner…one of the Kardashian sisters!‘” Genuinely confused, the woman responded: “Hello, nice to meet you. So…you can have your car when you pay.”

Obviously upset, Kendall phoned a friend, then plopped down and pouted for half an hour until the pal  pulled up with her wallet. Yanking out a credit card, Ms. Superstar huffed and puffed while the woman ran it, then scribbled her name and stormed out.

So little Kendall thinks that falling out of Kris Jenner’s well-worn babymaker automatically makes her a starter for Team KKK? Sure, she displays a high level of entitled cuntiness to at least make a claim to the name, but Kendall has to earn her K the hard way — by following the same yellow-urinal-caked road of fame-whoring that her half-sisters paved with their orifices. Being a spoiled twat isn’t a character flaw, it’s just a condition that can be cured with a severe lack of money and cameras. For the record, to be a Kardashian requires a humiliating “stolen” sex tape or some sort of deal with Lord Satan; Kendall has none of those things at the time of this post. Hell, even Bruce Jenner and his fabulous hair is closer to being a Kardashian than she is at this point.

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January 15, 2014 - 12:15 pm