Nick Cannon is getting it on the reg

Nick Cannon is getting it on the reg

Thjanks to Nick Cannon, we now know way too much about his and Mariah Carey’s sex life. Gee, thanks. From Us Weekly:

TMI! Nick Cannon got extra personal while sharing the secret to his successful marriage with Mariah Carey. The 33-year-old America’s Got Talent host recently chatted with Us Weekly about his recent family vacation — and how he and Carey don’t let their 2-year-old twins cramp their love life! How do the spouses of five years keep the flame alive in their marriage?

“Lots of sex,” Cannon candidly told Us at the Variety Breakthrough Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday, Jan. 9.

Well, to each his own, as the Good Book says. Now, does Mariah let Nick watch and fap? Or does he have to leave the house when she’s having sex? Oh wait, Nick is claiming that HE’S the one having sex with HER? Oh . . . weird. It’s just strange for me to imagine that this charade is still going on after all these years, but then again, Nick is an excellent and committed butler (he even got his boss’ name tattooed on him, which severely limits his future employment within the industry). Oh, and I’m sure Nick is a great nanny to the Turkey Baster Twins, so it’s pretty much a win win for all sides. And here I thought Nick’s career was over way back in 2002 with that insult to black colleges of a movie, Little Drummer Boy.


January 14, 2014 - 6:15 am