Top Five Sexiest Poker Players

In A Streetcar Named Desire, Mitch is convinced that poker and women do not mix. “Poker shouldn’t be played in a house with women.”

We beg to differ.

With the boom in poker in recent years, more women have joined the ranks of poker professionals. Strong-willed and beautiful, the poker ladies in this article are the sexiest players out there.

Liv Boeree

Olivia ‘Liv’ Boeree is a smoking hot (see above) 29-year-old poker player who looks as good as she plays.

Smart and sensuous, Liv has amassed plenty of achievements under her belt during her poker career, culminating with a victory at the 2010 European Poker Tour in San Remo, Italy. The British poker player, model and TV presenter was born in Kent and holds a degree in Astrophysics at the University of Manchester, making her brainy, as well as lovely!

But Liv’s plans for her future took quite a turn when she moved to London and was introduced to the world of poker in 2005. No stranger in front of cameras, Boeree took part in several poker-themed reality TV shows where she was coached by the top poker masters including poker legend Annie Duke.

Liv is a tough gal when she’s around cards; her talent quickly took her from London to Las Vegas as live reporter and then host of some of the world’s biggest poker tournaments. It didn’t take too long before she too stepped up to take a seat at the tables and started winning serious money. Liv has earned over $2 million in poker winnings during her 9-year-long career.

Kara Scott


Kara Scott is one hottie you’d never want to make mad.

When she’s not busy wiping the floor with her competition at the poker tables, she’s showing off her moves at the dojo. Kara has trained in Muay Thai and even produces a martial arts TV show which she presents as well.

‘Great Scott’ as she’s known in poker circles started off her career as a journalist working in the UK until 2009 before discovering her talent as a poker player.  The 36-year-old has participated in numerous tournaments, and her most recent achievement was finishing second at the Irish Open, winning a pot worth $390,000.

Kara is also a source of inspiration for other female players. When challenged by her critics, she replied that she’s learned to live with people who doubt her abilities and is determined to put her efforts where they really counts: at the poker tables.

Her total live poker winnings so far add up to over half a million dollars; not too bad for someone who started playing seriously barely five years ago.

Sara Jean Underwood


You wouldn’t expect someone like Sara Jean Underwood, 29, from Portland, Oregon, to be modest about her looks.

She’s on record saying that she didn’t believe she was pretty enough when her name appeared among the nominees for Playmate of the Year in 2007.  Sara featured as Miss July on Playboy magazine in 2006 and, no surprises here, went on to nab the title as Playmate of the Year a year later.

But Sara’s sexy curves aren’t the only ace up her sleeve. When she’s not busy modelling, you can find her bending cards at the poker table. Sarah has a low-key poker career; she participated mainly in charity events to help raise money for worthy causes. Being the face of, she was teamed up with the poker professionals behind the site who coached her in the game.

Sara has worked a lot in TV and various films. She appeared in the 2007 spoof comedy Epic Movie, starring as a sexy pirate alongside fellow Playmates. It was on the TV set that she met her former lover, TV presenter Ryan Seacrest, whom she dated for two years.

Tatjana Pasalic

Tatjana Pasalic.jpg

This Croatian beauty has been involved in internet poker since she was 19 years old. Today, a decade later, she has become a respected player at the tables and a contender to be reckoned with on the felt.

Tatjana’s career as a poker blogger took an unexpected twist when she sparked off a poker boom in her home country, with amateur gamers looking to her for advice on joining the game. No doubt her good looks played a big part in enticing readers to try their hand at poker.

From May 2011 till July 2013, Tatjana had been representing Team Bodog at various poker tournaments around the world. Her involvement in the poker world earned her first place on the World Poker Tournament’s magazine list of sexiest girls in poker.

Tatjana currently lives in London and works as a TV presenter for a poker channel on Sky TV and contributes articles on about the European and Asian poker scene. She has a passion for cooking and even won a cooking competition on a TV show in Zagreb.

Fatima Moreira De Melo

Fatima Moreira De Melo.jpg

If her name doesn’t sound sexy enough, you just need to take one glance at that smoking hot body to put to rest any questions about whether she should be on this list.

But, Fatima worked hard to earn her goddess-like body. The 35-year-old Dutch poker player is a former national field hockey player that won gold at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, beating the Chinese team at the finals.

When she decided to hang up her hockey sticks, she took to poker with equal passion and determination. Fatima belongs to the Team PokerStars: Superstars and you can often find her playing against newbies and other pros at the PokerStars online poker room.

She is a permanent fixture in European poker tournaments, and in November 2013, Fatima scored her best placing yet, cashing in $95,750 and coming in second at the UK & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) event.

Fatima studied law at university and also boasts a career as a singer. Always one to be involved in sports and fitness, she was declared Rotterdam’s Sportswoman of the Year in 2006 and currently she’s fating tennis pro Raemon Sluiter.

Queens of Cards

There’s something undeniably sexy about women playing cards.

Poker players usually resort to covering their faces with baseball caps and sunglasses when playing, but these ladies don’t need any of these contrivances. With their dazzling looks and mesmerising curves, your head will probably be spinning long after they took away everything but your shirt!