Chrissy Teigen almost died in this picture

Chrissy Teigen: The swimsuit model who can’t swim

Turns out that Chrissy Teigen, in all her awesomeness, can’t swim. So naturally she became a swimsuit model. Naturally. From her interview on Bethenny:

Bethenny Frankel: “So what about going to these great locations in the sand and beach and all that?”
Chrissy Teigen: “Well I can’t swim and I actually hate sand.”
Bethenny: “You can’t swim?”
Chrissy: “There’s actually a bunch of shots in the past issues where I’m in a pool or floating and I’m laying on a boogie board and they just photoshop it out.”
Bethenny: “Wow, don’t you have an interest in learning how to swim?”
Chrissy: “None, I feel like I’m too old to go to the Y now with a bunch of 4-year-olds.”
Bethenny: “Well my daughter goes to swimming classes, you should go together with her.”
Chrissy: “I can’t go with her, we’re both wearing floaties…”

So Bethenny has Chrissy Teigen in studio, and all she can find out is that Chrissy gets photoshopped into scenes? With hard hitting questions like that, it’s no wonder that The Maria Shriver Show got its plug pulled so unceremoniously. I don’t care if Chrissy was copy/pasted into JFK’s limo when he got the haircut that changed a nation, I would have had far more relevant questions — like does she enjoy a good handbra? Or would she let me pick lint out of her belly button? BTW, I really would like an answer to my questions.

February 20, 2014 - 5:00 pm