Heidi and Spencer made $500k from staged photoshoots

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt in Mexico in 2008

Remember all those cheesy staged photoshoots Heidi and Spencer from The Hills used to do? Turns out they made half a fucking million on them. A year. Of course they blew all the money (in Heidi’s case, literally), but still, the two were god damn evil geniuses. From their appearance on Bethenny earlier this week:

Bethenny: First of all you were on every magazine. You must have been stalked by paparazzi. What’s that like now? Are they still following you? Do they still take pictures?
Spencer: They were never following us. I was calling them.
Bethenny: You are so honest. I really like that. You were calling them.
Spencer: We were in a partnership with them. There’s big money in there. Was. Every photo you take they are selling them to the tabloids so if you partner up with them you get a cut.
Bethenny: Wow you got a deal with them not for holding a product but just for sitting by a pool.
Spencer: Any photo you see. We were making like half a million dollars in photos a year.
Heidi: It’s a different economy now, a different market. There’s not really that market now. We kind of were at the peak at that time.

Just so we’re clear, Heidi and Spencer think the reason why they’ve been reduced to appearing on The Praying Mantis Show is because the economy stinks? Sure, things were better back when MTV created scripted “reality” TV shows like The Hills, but it’s not as if Heidi or that albino dick hole of a husband bothered to keep up with what the masses wanted to watch. Anyone from porn actresses, to tire jockeys, to racist pastry chefs can be celebrities — it just takes a little work (well, I guess selling one’s soul probably isn’t considered work these days). Do Heidi and Spencer want to get back in the mix of things? Well, whip out the GoPro and film Heidi getting DP’ed by fellow has-beens the Jonas brothers and whoever’s left alive from the original cast of the Real World.

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February 7, 2014 - 10:30 am