The Games of Thrones guy could totally nail Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is in love

Eva Longoria admits to People that she would totally let Kit Harrington’s character Jon Snow jump her bones. But he has to be in full character and maybe kill one of her exes with a sword. Kit, I think it’s time for a little cosplay action.

Let it be known, the men of Game of Thrones can count Maxim’s Woman of the Year – Eva Longoria – as an official admirer, with one character in particular winning her heart. At a party hosted Friday night by Ocean Drive magazine in Miami, the actress told People there was no doubt whom she’s infatuated with on the show.

“Jon Snow!” she said excitedly, referring to the show’s brooding bruiser who lost his half-brother and stepmother in last season’s shocking “Red Wedding” episode. “I don’t like Kit Harington, I love Jon Snow. I like the fur coat and the bow and arrow and the swords – that person.”

I don’t believe that Kit Harington needs to dress up like a Level 35 dwarf from World of Warcraft to slide in to Eva Longoria, since she isn’t exactly what’s considered a “hard get” anymore. You could dress like anything from a nameless reality star to a certain Saved by the Bell character and probably get a free ride from this lady. What’s confusing me is why she’s Maxim’s Woman of the Year? Is it 2005? Maxim is either giving out awards retroactively or Eva was the only woman who committed to showing up to the party.


March 19, 2014 - 6:15 am