Rob is skipping Kim’s wedding because fat

Rob Kardashian is still fat

Cookies. Brownies. Pizza. Hot dogs. Ice cream. All reasons why a fat, depressed Rob Kardashian is skipping his sister Kim’s wedding to Kanye West this summer in Paris. Paris? Doesn’t Rob know they have delicious creme brulee there? A source tells Radar:

“Rob is upset about his changing shape and truly feels like the black sheep of the family.”

The family insider added that even though the 26-year-old is “very close” to father-of-one West, “he has no desire to go to France” for what is destined to be an over-the-top wedding.

“Of course, that could change. Kim is his sister. He loves her. But he knows this will be all about Kim and as usual, Rob feels he would be like the third wheel,” revealed one Kardashian spy. “The reality of their situation is that Kim and Rob haven’t been that close in years.

Meh. I wouldn’t worry so much if I was Rob. This will be a Team KKK wedding, so obviously he won’t be the only fat fuck in attendance — although he’ll probably have the biggest set of tits. Rob probably won’t get as much as a mention on any website since he’s so completely irrelevant in the world that he’ll take the name “Jenner” soon. Now, if tubby really wants to hijack this event, then he’ll have to hit the family below the belt and make sure that his “plus one” is a dignified Caucasian woman with an ounce of talent who never had O.J. Simpson inside of her . . . yeah, that’ll throw them for a loop.


March 14, 2014 - 6:15 am