Selena Gomez is not doing well

Selena Gomez at a gas station in L.A. (3/27)

After her short stint in rehab earlier this year, Selena Gomez seems to be regressing. Instead of coloring and building sand castles — which she still looks like she should be doing — she’s getting drunk all the time. In Touch Weekly says she’s basically turning into the Latina Lindsay Lohan:

After a fight with her mom and stepdad, Selena fled to the Sunset Tower Hotel, where the pop star lived for a week. There, eyewitnesses tell the mag that the former Disney star was seen with a drink in her hand almost daily. “She looked like she’d been at it for a while,” an onlooker tells In Touch. “Her lips were stained from the red wine she was drinking.”

Selena was spotted at the hotel’s Tower Bar and Restaurant with a group of friends on St. Patrick’s Day, being loud and rambunctious. “They didn’t order food. They just kept ordering rounds of drinks and going out to smoke cigarettes,” a fellow patron exclusively tells In Touch. “They definitely seemed drunk.”

Selena continued her wild ways at a house party thrown by Oscar winner Jared Leto at his Hollywood Hills mansion on March 21. “The party was mostly models, stylists and young Hollywood types — basically the same people you would find in any of the clubs that night,” says an insider.

Look, I know that boozing like a Lohan isn’t a good look for Selena these days (considering that she still sucks on the Disney cock for her money), but what is a girl like her supposed to do with her free time? Selena is pretty damn good looking (if you’re into the preschool chic look), she doesn’t have hobbies to take her time up, and nothing washes the taste of Canadian poser out of a girl’s mouth like high-grade spirits. Shit, if I had the image of Justin Bieber trying (and obviously failing) to get me off burned into my mind, I’d drink myself into an early death, too.

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April 2, 2014 - 8:15 am