Leo DiCaprio moved in with his girlfriend

Toni Garrn in St. Barts last year

Leo DiCaprio has moved in with his girlfriend, model Toni Garrn (probably because she looks so damn good topless). But don’t worry, his $8 million apartment in Manhattan’s Battery Park is 2,300 square feet, so they’ll have plenty of room. Oh thank god, what a relief. A source told In Touch Weekly:

“Leo bought the apartment [in March] and quickly moved Toni in with him,” a source reveals exclusively to In Touch. “It seems like they’re really enjoying living together.”

However, a source close to the couple says they haven’t purchased the apartment together.

George Clooney proposed to his girlfriend and now Leo DiCaprio has moved in with his girlfriend. What the hell is going on? Did I fall asleep and wake up in some bizarre alternate universe where up is down and left is right? If Jonah Hill wins the next Boston Marathon, I’m jumping out of my fucking window.


May 1, 2014 - 5:00 pm