Jessica Alba’s company not so honest after all

Jessica Alba leaving a nail salon in Brentwood (6/4)

Jessica Alba’s eco-friendly household goods Honest Company is going nationwide next week with a launch at Target. The company describes itself as a “trusted source for safe, natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly baby diapers and biodegradable wipes, organic bath/skin care and green cleaning products.” Except they shouldn’t be trusted at all, because some of their products, such as face wipes, are being made by sketchy Chinese manufacturers. Oh c’mon, a little face rash never killed anybody. From Radar:

According to U.S. Customs data, one of The Honest Company’s main suppliers is the American Hygienics Corporation located in Shanghai. As recently as May 19, 2014, Honest Company received a shipment of 10,110 cartons of wet wipes from the Chinese company. On May 18, 2014, they received 33,098 cartons of wet wipes from American Hygienics. In total, records show, Honest Company received more than 142,595 cartons of wet wipes from the Shanghai-based supplier so far this year alone, and their relationship with the company goes back to 2012, the year the company was founded.

What The Honest Company may not know, however — and what their customers certainly don’t — is that American Hygienics has a history of being barred from importing to the U.S. after the FDA found “unsafe” and untested drugs in their wipes.

According to an import refusal report, the FDA found on April 11, 2008, that the wipes the company was trying to import into the US appeared to contain “a new animal drug which is unsafe,” and subsequently blocked the shipment.

Very interesting . . . and troubling. I’ve jacked off to literally hundreds of elaborate fantasies involving Jessica Alba, but not once have I have imagined her as a ruthless CEO only worried about the bottom line. No, Jessica — *fap fap fap* — don’t make me use your toxic Chinese face wipes on my virgin skin!


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June 11, 2014 - 8:15 am