A dream third wedding for Kim

Kris Jenner is “seething” that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian didn’t cash in on their wedding pictures, and instead released them to the internet. The New York Post says they turned down international offers of $11 million for the pics. International? Hell, I’m assuming. From the paper:

Kardashian klan mastermind Jenner, however, “very much wanted to sell the pictures,” a source says, pointing out that Jenner gets commission on her kids’ business interests. The source told Page Six, “Kris was none too happy.”

But West had other ideas. “Kanye is taking a page from [Jay-Z and Beyonce], who own their photos,” a source said.

Another source close to Kim insisted that Jenner had nothing to do with her decision to turn down money for the wedding photos. “These are Kim’s wedding pictures,” the insider said. “Kim and Kanye were getting offers for money, and they decided with their teams not to take any.”

I like how the Post says that Kanye “and Kim” decided not to sell the pics. Make no mistake, this was 100% Kanye’s decision. Kim won’t turn down a nickel she finds on the sidewalk. Getting her to give up $11 million for doing literally no work whatsoever is like getting Jonah Hill to give up donut cheeseburgers. You can try, but you’re gonna lose an arm.

June 19, 2014 - 10:15 am