Lindsay Lohan is not sober

Lindsay Lohan at a beach club in Ibiza (7/28)

Lindsay Lohan officially gives zero fucks. For a while, after her 15th(?) rehab stint, she’s at least tried to hide the fact that she still drank with water bottles in place of martini glasses. But not anymore, as she was getting openly drunk at a beach club in Ibiza yesterday. But it’s all good because she lives in England now. They have free healthcare, right? Does that cover new livers and broken noses from your face hitting your steering wheel because you just drove into a brick wall at 3 AM? Let’s hope so because there is a 100% chance that happens within the next six months.

ALTERNATE HEADLINE: “Lindsay Lohan fell off the wagon and then got hit by the car behind it”


July 29, 2014 - 5:00 pm