Taylor Swift *this* close to a full blown eating disorder

Taylor Swift in Central Park in New York (8/1)

So Taylor Swift should probably eat. A source tells OK! that Taylor’s confidence has been destroyed by so many guys that she’s turning into the new Nicole Richie (but with talent . . . so pretty much not like Nicole Richie at all):

“Taylor eats like a bird, just berries, nuts and seeds and tons of water. She’s really focused on her diet and works out every day.”

According to the source, Taylor, 24, weighs close to 110 pounds, making her extremely underweight, considering her nearly 6-foot height. “She’s been dumped so many times that she’s convinces she’s not hot enough,” shares the source. “And spending so much time around models is actually hurting her confidence.” (Print Edition)

Sorry Taylor, your weight isn’t what’s causing guys to break up with you.  It’s your translucence.  I mean, seriously, the only way Taylor could be any paler is if she were an IPA.  Sure, Taylor might appeal to the Grand Wizard demographic, but those type of guys are really are hard to find in Hollywood — unless they’re named Mel Gibson. 

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August 26, 2014 - 10:15 am