Blac Chyna gold-digging gold digger

Blac Chyna in Miami (5/16)

Apparently Rob Kardashian’s family is worried that Blac Chyna is only in a relationship with him for the money. What?!? Rob Kardashian still has money? From Page Six:

Rob Kardashian’s family is scared that his romance with Blac Chyna will bankrupt him. Insiders told Page Six that Kardashian feels pressure to buy his new fiance expensive gifts like her ex, rapper Tyga did — even though he’s not making big bucks.

“Rob wants to buy her a new car … She wants a brand-new house before their baby is born,” said a source. “His family wants him to slow down. They’re [thinking], ‘Is this really how you want to spend money when you’re about to have a family?'”

This is the most obvious story ever. Of course Blac is in it for the money. Why’d they think she started dating Rob? His hot body? “I’ve always fantasized about being with a guy with a BMI over 40. Here’s my room key.”

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June 9, 2016 - 8:15 am