Shocking news about Tyga

Oops, I meant not shocking — not shocking news about Tyga. He owes a ton of child support to his ex Blac Chyna, who eloquently reminded him about it yesterday on Snapchat. Oops, I meant not eloquently – not eloquently reminded him about it:

“It’s funny now to me !!! But when Tyga and side nigga kicked me out !!! And they wanted to see me fail ! lol … And 2 grind from the dirt !!!!! No child support! Niggas is like hoes ! So imma treat u like that ! Not paying Jenny ! Wow… Stop running to ur money ! Telling my business about King ! I bet any money ! I got more money then ur account Tyga , Michael ! !!! So go tell Kylie, and Rob! About our son Account ! Cause that’s the only reason I’m contacting ur fuck ass ! But u wanna make it like I want u lol !. Tyga ur a bitch ! And u can go get ur mom , or ur bitch ! Lol ! !!!! Or ur nigga u fuckin ,,, or Terrell, or heather !”

Tyga was going to respond to Blac’s accusations, but Comcast turned off his internet because he didn’t pay the bill. Right? Right? I really want to believe that happened.


Tags: Blac Chyna, Tyga
March 30, 2017 - 6:25 am