Raise your hand if you haven’t seen your kid in almost four years

The last time Tom Cruise saw his daughter Suri, Donald Trump was just an asshole firing people on The Apprentice. September of 2013, to be exact. A simpler time, ’twas. A time of youth. A time of innocence. A time when Tom still remembered what his daughter looked like. Via In Touch Weekly:

The Sydney Morning Herald caught up with the actor, 54, at the Australian premiere of his movie The Mummy when a reporter asked him if his 11-year-old daughter with Katie Holmes has any interest in acting and may pursue show business as a career like her famous parents; he replied, “You never know, you never know.”

In this case, of course, Tom truly doesn’t know — considering he has gone more than 1,346 days without seeing his youngest child, despite being just miles away from her recently. As In Touch exclusively reported, Tom was recently just miles away from his child while doing press for The Mummy — he was in Hollywood, she was 23 miles away in Calabasas — when he decided to hop on a private jet to go to Australia to talk to strangers about his daughter instead of, you know, actually spending time with his daughter.

In Tom’s defense, he always invites Suri to the weekly Scientology laser tag service, but she never goes — *pew* *pew* *pew* — that’s my laser tag sound effect. Scientology is pretty kick-ass.

May 26, 2017 - 11:15 am