Aaron Carter brags about not getting DUIs and . . . you know where this is going

Last Monday, in a paparazzi video shot in Tampa, Aaron Carter bragged about not getting any DUIs. Oh hey, guess who was arrested for DUI in George in Saturday? 100 points if you said Aaron Carter. From the New York Post:

“You won’t catch me getting any DUIs,” the tatted-up musician said in the video, shot last Monday in his native Tampa as he strutted through a parking lot with his girlfriend Madison Parker. In the newly released video, obtained by TMZ, Carter is being asked to comment on actor Shia LaBeouf’s drunken run-in with the laws. “I don’t have any DUIs,” said Carter. “I don’t even drink.”

Carter, 29, was busted five days later on DUI and marijuana charges while driving through Georgia en route to a gig in Kansas City. Parker, who was in the car with him, was charged with possession of marijuana and obstruction of law-enforcement officers.

“en route to a gig in Kansas City” . . . Wait, really? . . . *does quick Google search* . . . Today I learned that the phrase “I booked Aaron Carter tonight” is an actual thing people say in 2017 and not a joke. Could’ve fooled me.

Madison Parker Mug Shot
July 17, 2017 - 2:32 pm