Kylie Jenner is probably gonna be a billionaire in her 20s

Since launching her makeup line in late 2015, Kylie Jenner has sold almost half a billion in product. Try not to think of that while you’re riding the city bus today. From Women’s Wear Daily:

Kylie Cosmetics actually has done $420 million in retail sales — in just 18 months — Kris Jenner revealed to WWD last week during an interview in her office at her home in Hidden Hills in Los Angeles. It was the first time the Jenners have disclosed the scale of Kylie’s business, and they provided WWD with documentation.

For perspective, the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc.-owned Tom Ford Beauty was said to have reached revenues of $500 million after a decade, and the brand is considered to be one of the two fastest growing in Lauder’s portfolio, along with Jo Malone. Bobbi Brown, also part of the Lauder stable, took 25 years to reach the billion-dollar mark in 2016, with L’Oréal’s Lancôme finally hitting the milestone in 2015 after 80 years.

Growth shows no signs of slowing down, with Kylie Cosmetics on track to see a 25 percent increase in sales this year. That puts sales projections for 2017 at $386 million, and if that growth trajectory continues, Kylie Cosmetics, wholly conceptualized, founded and helmed by Kylie (with some help from mastermind and mom Kris Jenner) is on track to become beauty’s next billion-dollar baby by 2022.

$420 million. Based on the prices on her site, let’s the average transaction is $50. That’s 8.4 million purchases. Let’s say 75% are first time buyers. That’s 6.3 million girls. 6.3 million girls who saw Kylie Jenner and thought to themselves, “Yes, I would also like to look like an over-the-top caricature of a Japanese comic book hooker.” Say what you want about Kylie, but that is some damn impressive influence.

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August 11, 2017 - 9:46 am