30HH boobs cause back pain? Nah.

According to famous internet model Lindsey Pelas, Lindsey Pelas’ boobs are too big. Hah, good one, Lindsey. Now shut up. Via the Daily Mail:

She has a cleavage that most women can only dream of, but an Instagram model has claimed her 30HH breasts are more of a curse than a blessing … She wrote [on Instagram]:

“Doing my best sweet and innocent face when I’m in pain. Haha. It’s crazy how being busty can make people see your personality so differently. Speaking of busty, also crazy how bad my back hurts right now. Working out with roughly 11 pounds on my chest (yea I got bored one day) is really trying on my back.”

Lindsey’s followers flooded her Instagram with messages of support, advising her to consider having a breast reduction to help with the pain.

Urged by her followers to consider a breast reduction? Oh, I see ISIS has adopted a devious new strategy to terrorize the west. Bastards.

August 4, 2017 - 10:14 am