Paris Hilton is really sorry (again)

A Marie Claire article earlier this week awesomely republished some comments made by Paris Hilton last year in which she says the women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault were “just trying to get attention and fame.” Awesomely because fuck Paris Hilton. Anyways, once again Paris is sorry yada yada yada. She said in a statement:

“I want to apologize for my comments from an interview I did last year. They were part of a much larger story and I am regretful that they were not delivered in the way I had intended. I was speaking about my own experiences in life and the role of media and fame in our society and it was never my intention for my comments to be misapplied almost a year later.

“I always believe in helping women have their voices heard and helping create an environment where women feel empowered and believe in themselves. I am deeply hurt by how this has played out and also deeply sorry. Moving forward I will continue to do what I can to be an advocate for girls and women with the hopes of providing louder voice for those who may desperately need it.”

Wow, that’s actually a really powerful, heartfelt statement. I’m impressed. Paris’ assistant better get a fucking raise.*

*you can tell Paris didn’t write it because the word “like” isn’t used one time

August 18, 2017 - 7:54 am