Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry and Peter Brady split up

Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry in Hawaii earlier this year

Camelot is no more: Twitter exhibitionist Adrianne Curry and her husband Christopher Knight (aka Peter from The Brady Bunch) are splitting up. The couple announced the news Sunday on the five-year anniversary of their wedding. Wait a minute, break ups aren’t…

Adrianne Curry is on vacation

Bikini Pics /

Adrianne Curry bikini pics!

Adrianne Curry is currently in Hawaii for a friend’s wedding, and being the attention whore that she is, is tweeting all kinds of bikini pics from her trip. This definitely beats my grandma’s slide show from her vacation to the Grand Canyon. I could barely masturbate to…

Adrianne Curry is fun

Adrianne Curry has a helluva assAdrianne Curry had a pretty awesome weekend. On Saturday morning she forgot to wear pants while doing the dishes, and then on Saturday afternoon, she posted the pic her husband took of her not wearing pants while doing the dishes. No word on what she did Saturday night but for…

I heart Twitter

More pleaseFor those of you that bitch that Twitter is nothing but a waste of time, I give you Exhibits A & B that you’re a freaking moron.NOTE: Both pics posted on Adrianne’s Curry’s Twitter page this past weekend.

Adrianne Curry went to the beach

Bikini Pics /

Adrianne Curry bikini pics! (Malibu – 8/2) Like the ham sandwich with the funny smell sitting on my desk that I just ate, these pics are a few days old. Meant to post them yesterday but my penis got distracted first by those Vanessa Hudgens pics and then by some crazy chick with big boobs…