Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes is not Paris Hilton-worthy

Paris Hilton outside  1OAK Nightclub on Halloween

A few of Amanda Bynes’ personalities wanted to hang out with Paris Hilton at 1OAK nightclub last week, but Paris was having none of it. Probably because Amanda doesn’t have a huge dick. A witness told the New York Post:
“Amanda tried to sit…

Amanda Bynes has reached a new level of crazy

Amanda Bynes leaving 901 Salon at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood

Amanda Bynes has reached a new level of crazy. She was spotted wearing socks with sandals on Friday. Socks. With sandals. If that’s not enough to forcibly commit her again, I just don’t know what is.

Amanda Bynes is living on gift cards

Amanda Bynes at Mel’s Diner in L.A.

Amanda Bynes is now living on gift cards given to her by her parents. Since she’s now under their control as part of a conservatorship, they’ve cut her off from her money. Because you haven’t seen crazy until you’ve seen a crazy person with…

Amanda Bynes hospitalized again

Amanda Bynes arriving at LAX airport

After increasingly bizarre behavior the past month — including accusing her dad of being a pedophile — Amanda Bynes flew into LAX on Friday and was immediately hospitalized on a psychiatric hold (the infamous “5150” that Britney Spears made famous). And, according to TMZ,…

Amanda Bynes crazy train picking up speed, accuses dad of incest

Amanda Bynes and her father Rick Bynes

The Amanda Bynes’ saga has taken a turn for the creepy. On twitter today she accused her dad Jim of fondling himself in front of her. And also propositioning her for sex. That, too.

Considering we’ve already been through one round…

The day is too long to shoplift only once

Amanda Bynes caught shoplifting twice in one day

Incredibly, Amanda Bynes was caught shoplifting twice yesterday in New York. First she was caught trying to leave the Pookie & Sebastian boutique with a $128 shirt, and then she was busted walking out of Barneys wearing a $200 hat she hadn’t paid…

Amanda Bynes says she’s engaged

Amanda Bynes out and about in New York

Amanda Bynes has hopped right back on the crazy train and is chugging along full steam ahead. She told In Touch Weekly on Sunday, in the most eloquent way possible, that she’s now engaged:”I am very needy for friendship and I hate men.

Amanda Bynes. DUI. Again.

Amanda Bynes in Thousand Oaks

Amanda Bynes should really not be driving. She was arrested for DUI again after being pulled over in the San Fernando Valley on Sunday. TMZ says she was hopped up on Adderall because she has a hard time concentrating when she does her homework. Wait,…


Amanda Bynes is driving again

FYI, Amanda Bynes is behind the wheel again. That’s her leaving an art class in Westlake Village on Saturday. If your insurance rate has suddenly skyrocketed on your next bill, that’s probably why. Can’t say I blame State Farm, Allstate, Geico, etc. Before she was hospitalized…

The Sexiest Social Media Pics of the Week

Amanda Bynes not setting things on fire in Cabo San Lucas headlines the latest roundup of the sexiest social media pictures of the week. Good to see her happy, healthy return to sexiness.But I’m not gonna stop carrying my pepper spray.

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