Amber Valletta

Guess that Actress . . . and the afternoon links

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+ Gwyneth Paltrow rocking a see-through dress [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Trick Daddy wants black hos to tighten up [WWTDD]

+ Charlotte Dawson’s nipple peek (NSFW) [TaxiDriverMovie]


Model at Midnight: Amber Valletta

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Amber Valletta

American model and actress Amber Valletta

LOVE magazine is fairly awesome

Lara Stone nude in LOVE magazineSo the fashion magazine LOVE came out with their annual Spring/Summer issue late last week and it’s pretty damn awesome. Apparently their idea of fashion is hiring eight supermodels to take their clothes off so they can take pictures. The pictures are even awesomerer than that sounds. Wait, is that…

Quickies Redux

Model Amber Valletta out and about in Brentwood (10/29) + Christina Ricci does the bikini thing [Drunken Stepfather]

+ Jude Law says he’s not tapping that ass [I’m Not Obsessed]
+ Taylor Swift got the shit scared out of her [Just Jared]
+ Malin Akerman upskirt pic [TaxiDriverMovie]
+ Yes, please kill yourself [The