Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley went to the beach

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It’s Anastasia Ashley in her work uniform. More…

The Sexiest Social Media Pics of the Week

Sexy surfer model Anastasia Ashley headlines the latest roundup of the sexiest social media pics of the week. If you concentrate hard enough, you can see the ocean.

Anastasia Ashley in her natural habitat

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Anastasia Ashley bikini pics!
(Miami – 7/19)

Here’s pro surfer/Sports Illustrated model Anastasia Ashley in Miami over the weekend. Anastasia has built quite the little career off that video of her twerking that went viral last year. Gotta hand it to her for building something out of nothing. She’s like the anti-Lindsay…

Anastasia Ashley is the Budweiser surfer girl

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Anastasia Ashley bikini pics!
(L.A. 1/14)

A Budweiser surfer girl commercial being filmed in L.A. yesterday? C’mon, you know I’m posting pics of this. There’s bound to be some Google searches about this commercial after it airs, so let me help you future visitors out:

: Anastasia Ashley
ASS?: Amazing

Anastasia Ashley in a bikini

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Anastasia Ashley surfing in San Clemente, CA

Here’s pro surfer girl Anastasia Ashley in San Clemente on Sunday. Anastasia shot to fame last week when a video of her twerking before a surfing competition swept across the internets. A hot girl shakes her ass and suddenly she’s famous — is…