Andy Dick


Tara Reid in L.A. last year

Tara Reid and Andy Dick may have had sex over the weekend. Naked, sweaty, D-list sex. The New York Post says the two were flirting “all night” at the Galerie Montaigne opening in West Hollywood:
“They didn’t arrive together, but they did spend the whole…

Is his hand where I think it is?

Andy Dick in Malibu

Note to self: never play catch with Andy dick. Never.

Wait, Andy Dick is allowed in airports?

Andy Dick going through security at LAX airport

I didn’t even know Andy Dick was still allowed in airports, but there he is going through security at LAX earlier this week.

TSA Screener: “I’m sorry sir, I need you to go through the scanner again. It’s malfunctioning and saying…

Andy Dick is doing great

Andy Dick is doing great

I’m shocked Andy Dick is even still alive considering every story that comes out about him seems to be along the lines of this one from the New York Post:
Tuesday night, the troubled former “Celebrity Rehab” star was spotted leaving the Sunset Strip’s Rainbow Bar…

Andy Dick got drunk and pissed himself

Andy Dick is a messThanks to Chad of 88 Miles West for these pics. In an email, he said:I am a journalist from Texas. My photog & I went to the AEE & AVN a week or so back in Vegas. Shot the red carpet of the AVN Awards @ the Palms. Andy Dick was…

Andy Dick would be a good pick in the death pool

Andy Dick is drunk. Again.

Andy Dick got shitfaced again, this time while at Bar Marmont on Sunday night/Monday morning. With how much alcohol this dude has consumed in his life, how is he even still alive? He gets embarrassingly drunk, night after night after night. Sometimes he even pisses himself. If…

Andy Dick is drunk

Andy Dick is drunk

Actually, I want to apologize to Andy for that headline. I don’t think he’s drunk, I think it’s just a really bad angle. I swear, the paparazzi are like a bunch of vultures. It’s like they try to take pictures from the worst angle on purpose.


Andy Dick is fun

Andy Dick in Hollywood

Andy Dick needs to cool it with this behavior. I don’t want people thinking he’s some kind of pervert. His career in theater would be over.

Andy Dick is doing great

Andy Dick is a mess

In case you can’t already tell from the picture, Andy Dick is in fact not doing great. He’s a mess. Actually, that’s an insult to messes. From the National Enquirer:
The latest stop on the Andy Dick train wreck was a play in Los Angeles, where the…

Andy Dick is under arrest

Andy Dick arrested for felony sexual assaultAndy Dick was arrested Saturday morning in West Virginia for, well, being Andy Dick. From the Huntington Herald Dispatch:HUNTINGTON — Andy Dick, in town for weekend performances at the Funny Bone, was arrested around 4 a.m. Saturday by Huntington Police on sexual abuse charges.Dick was taken into custody around…

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