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Guess that Reality Star . . . and the morning links

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+ Julianne Hough’s bikini bachelorette party [Hollywood Tuna]

+ CONFIRMED: Casey Anthony is a cunt [The Superficial]

+ Don Cheadle says Trump dropped the N bomb [WWTDD]

+ Young billionaire Nicola Peltz in a swimsuit [Drunken Stepfather]


Bethenny Frankel went to the beach

Bikini Pics /

One time, Bethenny Frankel saw a cookie. She didn’t eat it, but she saw it. More…

Bethenny Frankel is still at the beach

Bikini Pics /

Bethenny Frankel takes a walk on the beach in between sets of 1,000 crunches. More…

Bethenny Frankel also went to the beach

Bikini Pics /

Something must have caught her attention. Like free weights. More…

Bethenny Frankel is an absolutely delightful young woman

Bethenny Frankel out and about in New York

We’ve written about Real Housewives entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel before here on Celebslam (see here and here). Basically she’s an awful human being. Which makes this story about her freaking the fuck out at an intimate Coldplay concert in the Hamptons over the…

Bethenny touched the third rail again

Bethenny Frankel leaving Lure Fishbar in New York

Bethenny Frankel touched the third rail again. Hell, she flat out jumped on it. Earlier this year, The Real Housewives of New York City star stirred up some shit after she complained about all the Mexicans who worked at Kmart. Shockingly, in…

Bethenny Frankel es muy retarded

Bethenny Frankel in Miami on December

Reality-star-turned-businesswoman-turned-ghoul Bethenny Frankel hates Mexicans. She didn’t use those words exactly, but she would have if Twitter didn’t limit her to140 characters. Her rant against Kmart employees on Friday:

Zapatos, Bethenny. Shoes are zapatos. I know your mastery of the Spanish language…

Nothing But Bikini Pics Until the End of the Year, Part 5

Bikini Pics /
Bethenny Frankel

Reality star Bethenny Frankel (The Real Housewives of New York) in Miami (12/29)

Bethenny Frankel is at the beach

Bikini Pics /

Bethenny Frankel in Miami

Here’s Real-Housewife-turned-entrepreneur-turned-Real-Housewife Bethenny Frankel at the beach in Miami yesterday. How much of a psychopath do you have to be to quit reality television and then go back? Even Hitler only filmed one season of Reich World. I guess he couldn’t handle living with six total…

Bethenny Frankel is in a bikini

Bikini Pics /
Bethenny Frankel bikini pics!

Here’s Bethenny Frankel in a bikini at the Paddle For Pink event in the Hamptons on Saturday. Bethenny is so skinny that she was once eaten by Jonah Hill and lived in his stomach for three days before being spit out. True story.

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