Jay Z and Beyonce are, like, really rich

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It’s official: Beyonce and Jay Z have made it in life . . . okay that was official a long time ago, but it’s really really official now. They’re trying to buy a house worth nine digits. More…

Blue Ivy wore an $11k dress to the VMAs

Beyonce and Blue Ivy at the Video Music Awards

The annual MTV Video Music Awards were last night in Manhattan, and if you thought Beyonce would use the occasion to jam her immense wealth down our throats in the most obscene way possible, you’re exactly right. Her 4-year-old daughter Blue Ivy…

President Obama lands in Brussels

Jay-Z and Beyonce leaving Brussels Airport

Here’s President Obama and his huge police motorcade leaving Brussels airport earlier this week — oh no wait, that’s Jay-Z and Beyonce. My bad. Citizens of Belgium, your tax dollars at work.

Beyonce is rich, bitch

Beyonce uses Airbnb, too!

Mildly Surprising: Beyonce stayed in an Airbnb for the Super Bowl.

Not Mildly Surprising
: It was a $10k/night, 11 acre contemporary estate in the Los Altos Hills. From Airbnb:
A contemporary statement like no other, this net-zero energy home, designed by Noel Cross Architects and built…

Beyonce went full sideboob

Beyonce at the Tidal X: 1020 charity concert in Brooklyn

Everyone’s forgotten about Jay-Z’s music streaming service Tidal (including Jay-Z himself), but Beyonce’s not giving up so easily. She went full sideboob at the Tidal concert in Brooklyn last night. And now, look, I’m writing about Tidal. All because of…

Rich people doing rich people things

Beyonce on Ile Sainte-Marguerite

Here’s the newest feature we’re rolling out on Celebslam: Rich people doing rich people things. Basically it’s a bunch of rich people doing rich people things. Like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and friends docking their yacht and visiting Ile Sainte-Marguerite earlier this week. Oh splendid. My absolute favorite…

Beyonce is noticeable

Beyonce off the Amalfi Coast in Italy

Here’s Beyonce taking a tender to her yacht off the Amalfi Coast in Italy last week. Nothing. I understood nothing about that last sentence. Actually, check that: week. I at least know that a week is a unit of time. So aside from…

In beautiful people news . . .

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Beyonce out and about in New York (5/20)

Beyonce is making that Slurpee money now

Beyonce leaving an office building in New York

Oh look, there’s a candid picture of Beyonce drinking a Slurpee while leaving an office building in New York yesterday, label perfectly centered just by chance. It definitely doesn’t look like 7-Eleven execs spent the last six months choreographing this. But seriously,…

Settle down Jay-Z and Beyonce

Jay-Z and Beyonce leaving the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris

Beyonce and Jay-Z are getting just a little bit full of themselves. They had the entrance to the Royal Monceau Hotel in Paris tarped off so all the mouth breathers on the street couldn’t catch a glimpse of them. Because,…

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