Brahim Zaibat

Now that is just unfortunate

Madonna and Brahim Zaibat performing in Porto Alegre, Brazil

It’s a well-known fact that Madonna is dating one of the dancers on her tour, Brahim Zaibat, and she definitely wasn’t shy with him on stage Sunday night in Brazil. How crazy that Madonna loves 24-year-olds and Brahim loves having his…

Madonna’s boyfriend says she’s not a monster

Madonna’s new boyfriend Brahim Zaibat leaving Aura nightclub in London

Madonna’s new relationship is really freaking me out. 24-year-old guys should be helping 52-year-olds across the street, not going down on them. From The Sun:
Madonna’s new fella has spoken for the first time of his love for the star -…

Madonna’s dad is not happy

Madonna leaving the Kabbalah Centre in New York

Madonna’s dad Tony Ciccone is not happy about her new boyfriend, 24-year-old French dancer Brahim Zaibat. Gee, I wonder why? I bet it’s because of his weird accent! From the Globe:
Madonna’s long-suffering dad has finally had it with her young lovers-and has…