Bridget Moynahan

Bridget Moynahan is sick of high gas prices . . . and Monday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Monday, April 25

Bridget Moynahan out and about in New York (pics start here)

Tom Hardy on the set of The Dark Knight Rises in Pittsburgh (pics start here)

Jessica Alba shopping at Whole Foods in Brentwood (pics start here)

Hayden Panettiere at a screening…

Oh no she di’int!

Bridget Moynahan and her son Jack in Pacific Palisades (3/26)Bridget Moynahan’s “camp” is not happy with that bitch Gisele telling Vanity Fair that Jack Moynahan — the baby the actress had with Tom Brady before he married the supermodel — was 100% hers. One of Bridget’s friends told the New York Post:”If Gisele loved Bridget’s…

Pretty sure this is illegal

Gisele in Horizontina, Brazil (3/15)It’s illegal to just claim another woman’s baby, right? Mind you, the biological mother is still alive. I’m not talking about an adoption. Well I think someone forgot to tell Gisele. The baby that her new husband Tom Brady had with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan in 2007? It’s her’s now. It’s Gisele’s.