Candice Swanepoel

Quite possibly the greatest picture of Candice Swanepoel ever taken

So Hot It Hurts /

Just when you thought Aspen couldn’t get any more awesome. More…

Model at Midnight: Candice Swanepoel

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South African model¬†Candice Swanepoel …

Checking in on Candice Swanepoel’s new baby

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Oh, how precious. Kids grow up so fast.

*pic via Candice’s Instagram today

Model at Midnight: Candice Swanepoel

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South African model Candice Swanepoel …

Pregnancy a minor annoyance for Candice Swanepoel’s sexiness

via Candice Swanepoel’s instagram

Remember when Jessica Simpson got pregnant a few years ago and openly used it as an excuse to join the competitive eating circuit and she got so big that Weight Watchers was throwing money at her and we all learned what gestational diabetes was and that truck…

Candice Swanepoel is extremely naked

Candice Swanepoel in the July issue of Vogue Spain

Here’s Candice Swanepoel — there’s no other way to put it — extremely naked in the new issue of Vogue Spain. How come the international editions of magazines are always way better than the U.S. versions? If this was a U.S. version,…

Is Candice Swanepoel Pregnant?

Candice Swanepoel on the set of a photoshoot in St. Barts last December

Is Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel Pregnant? Yes, yes she is. That would have been a ridiculous headline if she wasn’t. She wrote on Instagram Sunday:
Agora e #barrigapositiva ! #babyangel (What happens now, large belly, baby angel.)

Your lesbian fantasy of the week . . . and the Weekend’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Saturday, February 27, and Sunday, February 28

Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel shopping in West Hollywood (pics start here)

Jessica Chastain at the 2016 Film Independent Spirit Awards held at Santa Monica Beach (pics start here)

Charli XCX at the Emporio Armani show during Milan Fashion…

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are in St. Barts

Bikini Pics /

Candice Swanepoel

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are currently in St. Barts doing some sexy photoshoot so, if it’s cool with you, I’m just gonna post pictures of them all day. First up is the South African Candice Swanepoel. She needs to hurry up and become a U.S. citizen so she can…

Candice Swanepoel has great balance . . . and Tuesday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Tuesday, December 8

Candice Swanepoel promoting the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Empire State Building in New York (pics start here)

Lala Anthony at Cosmopolitan’s “Cosmo 100″ luncheon at Michael’s restaurant in New York (pics start here)

Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill promoting the “Looks…

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