Capri Anderson

Charlie Sheen vs. Capri Anderson: The Negotiations

Capri Anderson being interviewed on Good Morning America

I mentioned earlier today that Charlie Sheen offered Capri Anderson $20k to keep her mouth shut about “the incident” in New York last month. I don’t know how the hell they got these (yes I do: $$$$$$$$), but TMZ has the text messages the…

Charlie Sheen is suing his hooker. No, really.

I have that same jacket

I know you may not believe this, but Charlie Sheen actually wanted to avoid taking responsibility for his actions in a New York hotel room last month. In an interview with Good Morning America, Capri Anderson — the hooker he terrorized — said Sheen offered her $20,000…

Remind me never to be a father

Capri Anderson

Ouch. This is not the way you want to reconnect with your daughter. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Very surprised about [porn star Capri] Anderson’s involvement in the [Charlie] Sheen scandal was her father, Paul Walsh, a doorman at a posh Park Avenue apartment building. He told the New York…

Charlie Sheen owes his hooker $12k

I have those same pants

So it turns out that porn star Charlie Sheen put the fear of God into Sunday night may actually have been a hooker after all. Notice how I didn’t call her a “cheap hooker”? There’s nothing cheap about this chick except her perfume. From Radar:
Charlie Sheen’s…

Here’s the chick that was hiding in Charlie Sheen’s closet

Porn star Capri Anderson

Here’s the “hooker” that police caught hiding in Charlie Sheen’s hotel room on Sunday night. Actually, she wants us all to know that she’s not a hooker — she’s 22-year-old porn star Capri Anderson. I guess being a porn star is more respected in her family than being…