Celebrity Arrests

Chris Brown arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

Chris Brown at the Fresh Island Festival in Novalja, Croatia

The standoff at Chris Brown’s house is over and, surprisingly, it didn’t end in a hail of gunfire. I think arresting officers felt bad for him because he skipped leg day (above). On the bright side, Chris was arrested for…

Debby Ryan is under arrest

Debby Ryan arrested for DUI

Disney star Debby Ryan is in deep shit today after she crashed her Audi into a Mercedes in L.A. last week. Well at least she wasn’t drunk. Oh wait, she was drunk. Well at least she didn’t kill anyone. Oh wait, her career. From TMZ:

Chumlee is so fucked

Chumlee had 12 guns

More details are emerging about the arrest of Pawn Stars’ star Chumlee last week after a search of his home in Las Vegas. Turns out he likes to dabble in a little meth and he’s a connoisseur in the firearm arts. From USA Today:
During the course…

Chumlee is under arrest

Chumlee DJing at Ditch Friday at the Palms Pool & Dayclub in Las Vegas

Pawn Stars’ star Austin Lee Russell — aka “Chumlee” — was arrested Wednesday on felony weapon and drug charges. Las Vegas Police serving a warrant in a related sexual assault investigation found meth, weed, and a…

Nick Carter vs. A Bouncer: Who you got?

Nick Carter performing with the Backstreet Boys in Spain in 2014

Nick Carter is under arrest. The former Backstreet Boy was just minding his own business at a bar in Key West when a big mean bouncer picked a fight with him. Errr, at least that’s the story I’m sure he…

Puck from ‘Glee’ just got arrested for child porn

Puck from Glee just got arrested for child porn I know I said I was gonna post nothing but bikini pics until the end of the year, but god dammit, Mark Salling — aka Puck from Glee – just got arrested for child porn possession. His 2016 just got more complicated. From TMZ:We’re told the…

Shia LaBeouf is under arrest

Shia LaBeouf  being arrested in Austin

Shia LaBeouf was arrested in the most Shia LaBeouf way possible in Austin over the weekend: jaywalking. Hmmm, methinks there may be more to this story. Perhaps alcohol was involved? From the Austin Americab-Statesman:
The incident began around 7:30 p.m … The officer approached…

Sale at Target!

Kim Richards arrested for shoplifting

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star — and Paris Hilton’s aunt — Kim Richards heard there was a sale at Target on Sunday where you could fill up your cart and walk out of the store, but apparently that’s not actually how sales work so…

Diddy is under arrest

Diddy out and about in West Hollywood

Diddy was arrested in L.A. yesterday after he used a kettlebell to attack Sal Alosi — a strength and conditioning coach for the UCLA football team. The coach’s transgression? He yelled at Diddy’s son Justin Combs — a cornerback on the team –…

John Stamos is under arrest

John Stamos arrested for DUI

John Stamos was busted for DUI on Friday in Beverly Hills after police received “numerous” calls that an individual was driving erratically. He was pulled over shortly past 7:30pm, officially ending Uncle Jesse’s 25-year reign as a role model. From People:
The police decided that Stamos…

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