Charlie Sheen

This isn’t gross at all

Charlie Sheen speaking in London in June

Apparently Charlie Sheen has replaced all of his nasty, high-priced whores with a nasty, high-priced sex robot. Uh oh, I hope AIDS doesn’t void the warranty. A source told the National Enquirer:
“It’s ironic that ‘Goodtime Charlie,’ who once bragged that he was a…

Um . . . Charlie

Charlie Sheen at The 2016 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party held at West Hollywood Park

I hate to be a dick, Charlie (no I don’t), but it’s gonna be really hard for you to follow the advice on your shirt. Next time, stick to the classic t-shirts.

Charlie Sheen’s ex, porn star Bree Olson, claims he never told her he was HIV positive

Bree Olson out and about in New York

That, my friends, is the face of someone regretting their life decisions.

LIFE PRO TIP: When you reach the “nursing school or porn” fork in the road, go to nursing school

Charlie Sheen is a fucking maniac

Charlie Sheen leaving a medical building in Beverly Hills

A New York madam claims that Charlie Sheen routinely paid her prostitutes extra to have unprotected sex — even after he found out he was HIV positive. Oh delightful. From the New York Post:
“He could have given HIV to dozens…

Charlie Sheen knew he had HIV and still had unprotected sex

Charlie Sheen is HIV-Positive As expected, Charlie Sheen revealed this morning on the Today show that he’s HIV-positive. He told Matt Lauer that he’s already been blackmailed for millions:Mr. Sheen said that he paid people “into the millions” to stay quiet about the diagnosis. “That is money taken away from my kids.”The millions you’ve spent…

Charlie Sheen is HIV positive

Charlie Sheen is HIV positive For the last month or so, there’s been a rumor floating around Hollywood that a major star was HIV positive. Turns out it’s Charlie Sheen. Who could have seen that one coming? Okay, everyone. From People:Charlie Sheen is going on the Today show to discuss being HIV-positive, sources tell People.According…

Charlie Sheen is drunk

Charlie Sheen is drunk

Courtesy of reddit, here’s a shitfaced Charlie Sheen in Paris over the weekend. Amazingly, I don’t see one whore, skank, or slut in his vicinity. IMPOSTER!

Big news about Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I’m kidding with that headline. No one cares about Charlie Sheen anymore, but it somehow made the news that he’s now dating porn star Brett Rossi. That’s the two of them in Cabo San Lucas over the weekend. Brett is…

Mila Kunis is gonna be rich, bitch

Mila Kunis out and about in North London

Being hot has its perks. TMZ says Charlie Sheen wants producers of his show Anger Management to shitcan that bitch Selma Blair and bring in Mila Kunis for a multi-episode arc:
Charlie has been on a mission to get Selma 86’d from…

Charlie Sheen is dating another porn star

Charlie Sheen’s new girlfriend, Georgia Jones

Charlie Sheen is dating yet another porn star. He’s been spotted in Cabo San Lucas with “Best All-Girl 3-Way Sex Scene of 2011″ nominee Georgia Jones (playing the piano, above). From Us Weekly:
On Monday, Dec. 31, the hot-and-heavy couple were spotted sharing a sexy…

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