Chelsea Handler

When you gotta go, you gotta go

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It’s Chelsea Handler literally pissing on Africa. Colonial devil! More…

Oh yeah, baby

Boobs /

Kate Beckinsale and Chelsea Handler are closer friends than we thought. More…

Chelsea Handler ain’t done yet

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What we all haven’t been waiting for: average, 41-year-old breasts. Aw yeah, baby! More

Chelsea Handler up to her old topless hijinks

Chelsea Handler topless in Tokyo

Remember when Chelsea Handler retired her boobs? Well they’re back to work now. Here she is giving her friend Maria Sharapova a topless birthday present from Tokyo yesterday. Crap, I hope my grandma doesn’t see this. I told her I wanted something besides a sweater for…

Chelsea Handler is modest now or something

Chelsea Handler in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Chelsea Handler has had no problem going topless and even bottomless on Twitter, but throw a bikini into the mix and she suddenly gets all modest. That’s her attempting to cover up in Cabo San Lucas a few days ago. Chelsea, you idiot.

Chelsea Handler is technically not naked (socks)

Chelsea Handler goes full frontal

Reese Witherspoon turned 40 yesterday so naturally Chelsea Handler got naked and said:

Happy Birthday @reesewitherspoon

Crap, I didn’t get the memo about Reese wanting naked selfies for her birthday. I got her a stupid electric wine opener. Dammit this is so embarrassing.

Naked Chelsea Handler is back

It’s Chelsea Handler’s butt

Chelsea Handler said last year that she was done taking boob selfies, and she is. She Instagrammed this “artsy” picture yesterday and there isn’t a boob to be seen. She wouldn’t lie about something like that. They don’t call her the “George Washington of Menopausal Women” for…

Chelsea Handler’s retiring her boobs

Chelsea Handler’s retiring her boobs

Chelsea Handler’s done tweeting topless photos. She told Cosmopolitan’s “Fun Fearless Life” conference on Saturday:
“I’m over the naked selfie thing. At first it was to make a point and then it was to annoy people, but I’m over it. The boob selfies are done. I’ve…

That better be organic

LIFE PRO TIP: If you’re ever at Chelsea Handler’s house and she offers you a piece of fruit, wash it. For the love of God, wash it.[Instagram]

Does Chelsea Handler actually own a top?

Does Chelsea Handler actually own a top?

Here’s Chelsea Handler topless yet again, this time while water skiing on the 4th (video on Page 2). You gotta give her some credit. She’s against tan lines, a stand fully backed by her actions. She’s better than me. I’m against hunger in Africa…

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