Cher is hungry . . . and the Weekend’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Paparazzi photos from Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26 

Cher on vacation in Portofino, Italy (pics start here)

Christina Milian leaving Warwick nightclub in Hollywood (pics start here)

Singer Shae Brock on the set of Delinquents in L.A. (pics start here)

Ana Obregon at the Warner Park…

Cher is not a fan of Kim Kardashian’s ass

Cher leaving BBC Radio One Studios in London

Cher is not a fan of Kim Kardashian’s ass. She tells Sunday People that if she had an ass like Kim’s, she’d look like an alien. In other words, Kim Kardashian looks like an alien. Chick fight! Chick fight!:
“There is a…

I want to be Cher’s boyfriend

Cher leaving La Vida restaurant in Hollywood (2/9) Cher’s not even fucking around anymore. She knows that if she wants to date a younger man, she’s going to have to open up her checkbook. Get it? Because old people still use checks. From the National Enquirer:
Does Cher have a new boytoy? The Hollywood legend…