Chris Brown

Chris Brown not really the biggest fan of Donald Trump

Assholes /

Just what we need to bring some sanity to politics: Chris Brown. More…

Chris Brown is now threatening to kill exes

Wife Beaters /

Golly, I’m starting to think none of those court-ordered anger management classes worked for Chris Brown. In hindsight, him trying to cheat off other wife beater’s tests should have been a huge red flag. More…

2017 Chris Brown is just like 2016 Chris Brown

Dumbasses /

Chris Brown’s New Year’s resolution was to not have any more violent outbur—annnnd he almost made it halway through January. More…

Chris Brown has nine lives

Chris Brown has nine lives

So remember a few months back when Chris Brown threatened that model with a gun, she complained to police, there was a straight-out-of-a-Michael-Bay-movie stand-off at his house, and then he was finally arrested? Oh, and police found a bunch of guns and drugs. Nothing is going…

Chris Brown is being all Chris Browny again

Chris Brown at the Power 106 charity basketball game in L.A. Chris Brown has finally weighed in on the growing “sit or stand” National Anthem controversy with an eloquent, thought-provoking essay published in this morning’s Wall Street Journal. Just kidding. He sat during the National Anthem at a charity basketball game in L.A. Oh, at…

Chris Brown arrested for assault with a deadly weapon

Chris Brown at the Fresh Island Festival in Novalja, Croatia

The standoff at Chris Brown’s house is over and, surprisingly, it didn’t end in a hail of gunfire. I think arresting officers felt bad for him because he skipped leg day (above). On the bright side, Chris was arrested for…

Very good chance Chris Brown becomes a statistic today

Chris Brown at NikeLab X Olivier Rousteing “Football Nouveau” Collection Launch Party at Cite Universitaire in Paris

Police are currently camped outside Chris Brown’s house in Tarzana and waiting for him to surrender after a woman called 911 earlier this morning, claiming the singer pulled a gun on her. As…

Chris Brown went all Chris Brown on his publicist

Chris Brown performing at Globen, Stockholm

Chris Brown was just fired by his publicist after a huge mess where he was supposed to bring a vanilla cake to her birthday but he got mixed up and ended up bringing a red velvet cake and it was just a nightmare and…

Chris Brown is an asshole, you say?

Chris Brown celebrating his birthday at Drais nightclub in Las Vegas

Breaking news about Chris Brown: He’s a fucking asshole. He’s now terrorizing his neighbors and their children. From the L.A. Times:
Los Angeles police are asking the city attorney to decide whether to charge Brown after an incident Wednesday…

Chris Brown hits the town

Chris Brown out and about in Paris, France

Flynet says this is Chris Brown “hitting the town” in Paris last night. Oh, I get it. He’s out for a night of fun and revelry, which is often informally described as “hitting the town.” I can’t be the only one who…

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