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Dina Lohan: coming soon to a homeless shelter near you

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Wait, you have to pay your mortgage every month? So unfair. More…

The paparazzi are still taking pictures of Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan at the Southampton Inn Memorial Day Annual BBQ and Pool Party

Here’s Dina Lohan at a party on Memorial Day with actual paparazzi in attendance. I have so many questions: Was Dina invited to this party, or did she crash it? If she was invited, was it because…

Lindsay Lohan is splitting up with her mom

In social media fight news, Lindsay Lohan apparently just realized — like we all did 15 years ago — that her mom Dina is a terrible fucking person. She Instagrammed (and then deleted) this picture yesterday with the caption “@dinalohan … Sometimes it sucks when your mom isn’t there for you.”In completely unrelated news, I…

Dina Lohan is guilty

Dina Lohan’s mug shot Dina Lohan is guilty. America’s favorite stage mom plead guilty to drunken driving and speeding today after she blew a .20 after being pulled over on the Northern State Parkway in New York last year. Blew. heh heh heh. From Newsday:Nassau County District Court Judge Andrew Engel told the 51-year-old Merrick…

Like any normal mother and daughter

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan riding Citi Bikes in New York

I don’t know why I find these pictures so amusing. I think it’s because it’s the most normal thing I’ve ever seen Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina do. It’s almost alarming to see them both completely sober. And,…

Dina Lohan is a better mother than Casey Anthony, but just barely

Dina Lohan at the premiere of The Canyons in New York

The tables have turned and now Lindsay Lohan is the one taking care of her alcoholic mother Dina. I kid, I kid — Dina’s never taken care of Lindsay . . . unless you count Top Ramen as a…

Dina Lohan arrested for DUI

Dina Lohan arrested for DUI A Lohan is under arrest for DUI, and all is right with the world again. Surprisingly, it’s not Lindsay this time. It’s her mom Dina, who got busted in New York last night, the only state in America that outlaws taxis. Wait, that doesn’t sound right . . . From…

Lindsay Lohan has no chance

Lindsay Lohan has no freaking chance

Lindsay Lohan has exactly zero percent chance of remaining clean and sober when she finally leaves rehab (less than zero now that Oprah is giving her $2 million). And we can thank her mom Dina for that. “C’mon honey, if we hurry we can still…

This counts as employment, right?

Dina Lohan pockets $50k for talk show appearance

Dina Lohan was paid $50k last week to fight with her ex-husband Michael Lohan on The Test — a new talk show that uses lie detectors to see if guests are being truthful. Seems like a wise investment. If I know anything about…

Dina Lohan is writing her memoirs. Yes, that Dina Lohan.

Dina Lohan is writing her memoirs

Dina Lohan told the New York Daily News over the weekend that she’s working on her memoirs. Expect heavy plagiarism from Wikipedia . . . and I don’t even mean her Wikipedia page.
“It’s totally cathartic, but my kids are like, write the book already.

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