Drunk Celebs

Nicole Scherzinger might want to mix in a glass of water or two

Nicole Scherzinger leaving La Famiglia in Chelsea, London

Here’s Simon Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren holding up Nicole Scherzinger as she stumbles out of his birthday dinner at La Famiglia restaurant in London last night. Ah, I see she took advantage of their famous Wednesday night special: “Buy 1 Drink, Get 10…

Salma Hayek is drunk

Salma Hayek leaving the Gucci after party in London

Glazed-over eyes … can’t walk without the help of her husband … yup. Salma Hayek is drunk. And you know who’s hotter than Salma Hayek? Drunk Salma Hayek. And you know who’s hotter than drunk Salma Hayek? Drunk Salma Hayek in…

Lindsay Lohan is not sober

Lindsay Lohan at a beach club in Ibiza

Lindsay Lohan officially gives zero fucks. For a while, after her 15th(?) rehab stint, she’s at least tried to hide the fact that she still drank with water bottles in place of martini glasses. But not anymore, as she was getting openly…

Lindsay Lohan is doing great

Lindsay Lohan might be drunk

Here’s Lindsay Lohan taking a tumble while leaving a yacht party during the Ischia Film Festival in Italy last night —  which is not something you want to do if you’re Lindsay Lohan. Jennifer Lawrence trips and falls, you think clumsy. Lindsay Lohan trips and falls,…

Jessica Simpson is shitfaced

Jessica Simpson leaving Warwick nightclub in West Hollywood

Jessica Simpson had to be helped out of Warwick nightclub in West Hollywood last night. But really, it’s not her fault. I mean, you’re totally fine after 16 shots, and then that 17th one sorta just sneaks up on you and suddenly…

Charlie Sheen is drunk

Charlie Sheen is drunk

Courtesy of reddit, here’s a shitfaced Charlie Sheen in Paris over the weekend. Amazingly, I don’t see one whore, skank, or slut in his vicinity. IMPOSTER!

Brandi Glanville might be drunk

Brandi Glanville is shitfaced, flashy

Brandi Glanville “stars” on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Monday night she stumbled out of the London West Hollywood after having a few drinks at the bar. Unfortunately those drinks were served in 2-gallon jugs. “Buzaw few ieoh ohiefg oihfe eewpj fepjewuno,” Glanville told…

The Papa John’s guy is shitfaced

Papa John Schnatter is drunk

Via our good friends at BroBible, here’s the Papa John’s guy (aka John Schnatter) ABSOLUTELY SHITFACED at the National Championship game at the Georgia Dome on Monday night. Rumor has it that he was so drunk that he actually ate his own pizza later that night.

Snooki is drunk

Snooki leaving Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood

After having too much to drink last night at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, Snooki — who gave birth in late August — had to be helped to her car by a friend. But don’t worry about her baby back at home. Locked…

Jon Hamm is drunk

Jon Hamm leaving a bar in Hollywood

Jon Hamm got absolutely shitfaced at a bar in Hollywood on Sunday night. I’m assuming he was there to celebrate Veteran’s Day. “Hey baby, I just got back from a grueling, two-day Civil War reenactment where I played the aide-de-camp to Maj. Gen.

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