Debby Ryan is under arrest

Debby Ryan arrested for DUI

Disney star Debby Ryan is in deep shit today after she crashed her Audi into a Mercedes in L.A. last week. Well at least she wasn’t drunk. Oh wait, she was drunk. Well at least she didn’t kill anyone. Oh wait, her career. From TMZ:

John Stamos is under arrest

John Stamos arrested for DUI

John Stamos was busted for DUI on Friday in Beverly Hills after police received “numerous” calls that an individual was driving erratically. He was pulled over shortly past 7:30pm, officially ending Uncle Jesse’s 25-year reign as a role model. From People:
The police decided that Stamos…

The Cake Boss is under arrest

Buddy Valastro in court yesterday

The star of the hit TLC show Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, was arrested for DUI in New York early yesterday morning. And realizing that he’s the star of a cable reality show and compounding his mistake would just make things worse and could possibly threaten his…

Amanda Bynes. DUI. Again.

Amanda Bynes in Thousand Oaks

Amanda Bynes should really not be driving. She was arrested for DUI again after being pulled over in the San Fernando Valley on Sunday. TMZ says she was hopped up on Adderall because she has a hard time concentrating when she does her homework. Wait,…

Chris Kattan is under arrest

Chris Kattan arrested for DUI

Chris Kattan was arrested on suspicion of DUI this morning after he hit a Caltrans vehicle on the 101 Freeway in L.A. Yup. That’s generally frowned upon. From KTLA:
Officers responded after a woman called 911 to report a Mercedes-Benz was weaving and driving at a…


Justin Bieber drunk driving last night in Miami

Oh yes. A million times yes. Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI, resisting arrest, drag racing, and driving on a suspended license last night in Miami. Wait, you can’t drunkenly race a Lamborghini in a crowded area? What could possibly go wrong? From…

Dina Lohan arrested for DUI

Dina Lohan arrested for DUI A Lohan is under arrest for DUI, and all is right with the world again. Surprisingly, it’s not Lindsay this time. It’s her mom Dina, who got busted in New York last night, the only state in America that outlaws taxis. Wait, that doesn’t sound right . . . From…

Lamar Odom arrested for DUI

Lamar Odom arrested for DUI Lamar Odom was arrested for DUI at 3:54 this morning after weaving down the 101 freeway at 50 MPH (the fastest anyone has ever gone on the 101). According to TMZ, Lamar failed “numerous” field sobriety tests and was probably under the influence of more than just alcohol:Deputies at the…

Thomas Gibson is under arrest

Thomas Gibson at the CBS 2012 Fall Premiere Party at Greystone Manor in West Hollywood

Thomas Gibson, who stars on the CBS show Criminal Minds, was arrested for DUI over the weekend in L.A. Did he take a pay cut or something? Weird that he can’t afford a cab . .

Joe Simpson arrested for DUI

Joe Simpson is under arrest

Jessica Simpson’s creepy old dad Joe was arrested for DUI last week in Sherman Oaks. There must have been a strike by cabbies or something. From TMZ:
We’re told LAPD cops pulled Joe’s car over around 10 PM … and during the stop, officers got the…

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