Elizabeth Hurley

Good lord, Elizabeth Hurley

Bikini Pics /

We’ve officially entered the age of drone bikini selfies. More…

Elizabeth Hurley has staying power

Bikini Pics /

These pictures are from 1994, right? More…

In beautiful people news . . .

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Elizabeth Hurley at the “Spanish Association Against Cancer” fundraiser at Palace Hotel in Madrid, Spain (10/27) …

Elizabeth Hurley channeling 1997

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Elizabeth Hurley: still amazing. More…

Elizabeth Hurley ain’t bad

Elizabeth Hurley bikini pics!

Here’s 51-year-old Elizabeth Hurley on vacation in Mustique over the weekend. That’s not a typo. That’s the bikini body of a woman born in 1965. Christie Brinkley and her should fight.

Elizabeth Hurley might be a robot

Elizabeth Hurley at the NBC Universal 2016 Upfront Presentation in New York

This is your quarterly reminder that Elizabeth Hurley is 50 and looks like that. Don’t forget to check back in August for an update (spoiler alert: she’s still gonna look fucking amazing).

Checking in on 50-year-old Elizabeth Hurley, who’s 50

Elizabeth Hurley getting sexy on social media

Here’s Elizabeth Hurley Instagramming some old pics of herself in Kenya. They appear to have been taken in 1990 or so when Elizabeth was 25. I’ll see if I can find anymore . . .

UPDATE: I’ve just been informed these pics of…

In beautiful people news . . .

Beautiful People /
Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley out and about in New York (11/11)

Liz Hurley continues to impress

Liz Hurley bikini pics!

Following her much-acclaimed posting of bikini pics to Instagram earlier this week. Elizabeth Hurley just posted more bikini pics to Instagram. What an amazing woman. A true saint and a role model for young women worldwide. Post pictures of awesome things and people say good things about…

Elizabeth Hurley fucks with time

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Elizabeth Hurley in a bikini

Here’s someone claiming to be Elizabeth Hurley on vacation over the weekend. Obviously she’s lying because 50-year-olds don’t look like that in bikinis. For example, take Lindsay Lohan. She’s 51 and looks exactly what you’d think a 51-year-old would look like in a bikini — a…

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