Gerard Butler

Mother Nature takes vengeance out on Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler filming Of Men and Mavericks in Santa Cruz

(Note: apologies for the lateness of some of these posts. On vacation right now and apparently Mexico isn’t known for its telecom infrastructure. Who knew?)

Gerard Butler almost died on the set of Of Men and Mavericks on Monday.

Gerard Butler hooked up with the T-Mobile chick

Sarah Carroll outside Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood

You know that annoying chick from the T-Mobile “Sparah” ads? Gerard Butler probably had sex with her last week. Good for him. From Life & Style:
“Gerard and Sarah met at the premiere for his movie Machine Gun Preacher at the Chateau Marmont…

Gerard Butler is tapping that ass

Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler?

Is Gerard Butler currently cornholing Jessica Biel? Sure, why not. From Us Weekly:
Just five days after announcing her split with beau of four years Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel was spotted cozying up to her Playing the Field costar Gerard Butler. Currently filming the flick in Shreveport,…

Gerard Butler is pure gentleman

Gerard Butler has a wandering fingerSo the guy on the right is Gerard Butler. And the woman in the middle with the finger up her ass is Jennifer Aniston. Damn, Gerard is one lucky bastard. Usually I have to wait until a girl passes out to do that to her. And I bet he didn’t…

Hayden Panettiere wants to tap that ass

Gerard Butler at Cosmopolitan magazine’s Fun Fearless Males of 2010 at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York (3/1) Note to Gerard Butler: You could probably have sex with Hayden Panettiere if you wanted to. Cool! From the New York Daily News:Hayden Panettiere was chatting with pals at the Vanity Fair/Brioni Artists for Peace and…

Stop me if you’ve heard this before

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in Cabo San Lucas (2/7) You know how Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are dating/fooling around? Well he may finally be “the one.” Yes, you read this same story in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. From the Chicago Sun Times:Jennifer Aniston inviting Gerard Butler to her early birthday celebration this…

Jennifer Aniston is on vacation, cold

Bikini Pics /

Jennifer Aniston bikini candids!
(Los Cabos, Mexio – 2/5)

Apparently Jennifer Aniston didn’t hear those rumors about Gerard Butler hooking up with Reese Witherspoon. Because she went to down to Cabo with him (and Courteney Cox and Sheryl Crow) over the weekend to celebrate her 41st birthday. I gotta hand it to…

Gerard Butler is hitting that

Reese Witherspoon leaving a gym in Santa Monica (1/22) Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler haven’t even officially come out as a couple yet and he’s already messing around on her. With Reese Witherspoon. You know what that means . . . Chick fight! Chick fight! From Star: “Reese’s friends are giggling about her secretly meeting…

She did it again

Jennifer Aniston at the Golden Globe Awards (1/18) Surprise, surprise, Jennifer Aniston is moving way too fast with a guy yet again. She went from “liking” Gerard Butler to “move in with me” in about a week. From the National Enquirer:The couple split last September after a brief summer romance, but reunited in January to…

Gerard Butler is smooth with the ladies

Did he just run a marathon or something?When you’re famous, you don’t really need much of a game to hook up with strippers. Exhibit A: Gerard Butler at West Hollywood’s Voyeur nightclub earlier this week. From E!:”Gerard was with his usual wingman and best friend from New York. They make a great tag team and…