Hugh Hefner

When you still post about your ex-boyfriend on Instagram

Awk. Ward. /

Wow, I almost forgot Kendra Wilkinson used to fuck an octogenarian. More…

I’m not even sure Hef is alive in this picture

Kendra Wilkinson, Hugh Hefner, and Hank Baskett at the Playboy Mansion last weekend When your current husband meets your 89-year-old ex-boyfriend #justkendrawilkinsonthings

Holly Madison tell-all about a decade too late

Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner in 2007

No one’s talking about Holly Madison anymore — nor should they be — so hey, perfect time for a tell-all book, right? It’s titled Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny and absolutely no one’s gonna buy…

Crystal Harris is full of shit

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner at the 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Year announcement at The Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills

Crystal Harris says she doesn’t even notice the 60-year age difference between her and “husband” Hugh Hefner. Oh yes, of course. I’m sure it’s just like a normal marriage,…

Hugh Hefner rollin’ hard at Disneyland

Hugh Hefner and his entourage at Disneyland in Anaheim

Wanted to get these pics of Hugh Hefner up as soon as possible because he could literally die at any second, and then I’d just seem like a callous shithead. Speaking of shit, will someone please change Hugh’s diaper? The Jungle…

Crystal Harris cashes in on Hugh Hefner’s senility

Crystal Harris at the grand opening of Sapphire Pool & Day Club in Las Vegas

Crystal Harris managed to convince her husband Hugh Hefner to buy her a $5 million house in the Hollywood Hills. Wait, doesn’t that count as elder abuse? From TMZ:
Hugh Hefner really loves his 27-year-old Playmate…

Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner want kids

The least sluttiest picture I could find of Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris and her new husband Hugh Hefner actually want kids. Yes, that Hugh Hefner. The one who was born two years before bubble gum was invented in 1928. In unrelated news, Viagra stock just shot up 800%. From UK tabloid…

Crystal Harris is a total bitch

Hugh Hefner’s ex Crystal Harris is a total bitch

You don’t kick a man’s oxygen tank when he’s down. I’m sorry but you just don’t. The nerve of this Crystal Harris bitch. From the New York Post:
Crystal Harris, 25, told radio shock jock Howard Stern on Tuesday that she had…

Hugh Hefner got back on that horse

Hugh Hefner and Anna Sophia Berglund at the 6th Annual Kandyland Party at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills

After being unceremoniously dumped by that bitch Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner already has a new girlfriend. I knew this tale would have a happy ending! People says:
Meet Anna Sophia Berglund:…

Beep Beep

Make way for Hugh Hefner!

Hugh Hefner is officially old. He was spotted riding a motorized scooter Thursday at Disneyland. Did you know that Hugh was 29(!) when Disneyland officially opened in 1955? I shit you not. It cost $1 — ONE DOLLAR — to get in. He’s so old that…

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