Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is a lucky man

Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Miller out and about in Tribeca, Manhattan

Jake Gyllenhaal is somehow still dating ridiculously hot supermodel Alyssa Miller. That’s the two of them out in Manhattan earlier this week. Thank god for acting because guys like Jake simply don’t pull ass like that in the real…

Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely dating Alyssa Miller

Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Miller in New York

Here’s the first pics of Jake Gyllenhaal and his rumored new girlfriend, supermodel Alyssa Miller. So I guess it’s pretty much confirmed that they’re dating. I know, right? A handsome, wealthy actor hooks up with a drop dead gorgeous supermodel. What a…

Jake Gyllenhaal is running through models

Jake Gyllenhaal’s new girlfriend Alyssa Miller

After being linked with the gorgeous Emily DiDonato earlier this year, Jake Gyllenhaal is now dating the equally gorgeous Alyssa Miller. I bet she has a great personality. From the New York Post:
Jake Gyllenhaal has traded in his girlfriend for a new model. Sources…

This is Jake Gyllenhaal’s new chick

Emily DiDonato in her work uniform

Us Weekly says Jake Gyllenhaal is dating 22-year-old model Emily DiDonato. An older actor dating a younger model, you say? Why I simply won’t believe it until I see it with my very eyes!
A source tells Us that Gyllenhaal, 32, met the 22-year-old stunner…

Katie Holmes might be dating Jake Gyllenhaal

Katie Holmes out and about in New York

According to The Sun, Katie Holmes has been secretly dating Jake Gyllenhall for the past few weeks. If he’s a hopeless romantic like me, he’s probably already taken her to Olive Garden, like, twice. A source told the tabloid:
“[Katie’s ex Joshua…

Minka Kelly denied Jake Gyllenhaal

Minka Kelly denied Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal wanted a piece of the sweet sweet ass that is Minka Kelly, but he got shot down faster than Col. Nakesh’s MIG in Iron Eagle. Fucking LOVE that movie! From Us Weekly:
Minka Kelly “declined” an invitation from Jake Gyllenhaal when he asked her…

A dream scenario for Jake Gyllenhaal

A dream scenario for Jake Gyllenhaal

I have a feeling Jake Gyllenhaal has had many a dream about this exact scenario . . . from the New York Post:
Jake Gyllenhaal had hoped for a nice, relaxing steam when he turned up at the 10th Street baths last week — but…

Is Jake Gyllenhaal tapping that ass?

Jennifer Aniston leaving Good Morning America studios in New York

Is Jake Gyllenhaal nailing Jennifer Aniston? You better believe there’s a chance possibly, brother! From Life & Style:
Life & Style’s Scene Queens can exclusively reveal that Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 42nd birthday on Feb. 11 by having an intimate…

She must have tried to kiss him

Jake Gyllenhaal at the “2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala” at the Palm Springs Convention Center

Turns out it was Jake Gyllenhaal who dumped Taylor Swift and not the other way around, as most straight guys assumed. From the Chicago Sun Times:
Gyllenhaal quickly realized the duo had little…

Rachel Bilson and Jake Gyllenhaal are dating

Rachel Bilson at Fashion Week in New York

Seems like a good way to silence gay rumors would be to start nailing the impossibly-cute Rachel Bilson. Good job Jake Gyllenhaal. From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Bilson are reportedly a couple, according to new romance reports. Gyllenhaal, who…

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