Jasmine Waltz

Michael Phelps is hooking up with a chick all of Hollywood has nailed

Michael Phelps is banging Jamine Waltz

Michael Phelps’ latest hookup is Jasmine Waltz. If that name sounds familiar, that’s because Jasmine has nailed half of Hollywood (e.g. David Arquette, Zac Efron, Chris Pine, Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney, Doug Reinhardt, and Vinny from Jersey Shore ). And she has a sex tape.

Jasmine Waltz has a sex tape. Who?

Jasmine Waltz has a sex tape

Remember Jasmine Waltz? She’s the professional star-fucker who probably broke up David Arquette’s marriage last year to Courteney Cox. She also kinda sorta looks like Megan Fox, if Megan got hit by a car. Well now we all get to see her naked because she…

Jasmine Waltz went to the beach

Bikini Pics /

Jasmine Waltz bikini pics!
(Malibu – 12/6)

You know Jasmine Waltz as the 28-year-old professional star-f*cker who David Arquette may or may not have cheated on Courteney Cox with. Anyways, there she is in Malibu today. In hindsight, I’m sure this paid photoshoot at the beach in December seemed like a great…

I think everyone’s done this chick

Jasmine Waltz and Doug Reinhardt outside his home in Hollywood

Since David Arquette and Courteney Cox announced their divorce on Monday, professional star-fucker Jasmine Waltz’s name has been all over the news. Reportedly, Jasmine is furious that David told Howard Stern he slept with her while still technically married to Courteney.

David Arquette was lying

Jasmine Waltz leaving the Chamberlain hotel in West Hollywood

David Arquette claimed on the Howard Stern Show yesterday that he only slept with 28-year-old professional celebrity dater Jasmine Waltz “one time, maybe twice” while married to Courteney Cox. Not so fast, says Jasmine — she spread her legs way more times…

David Arquette says he cheated with this

Jasmine Waltz in Malibu last August

David Arquette discussed his split from Courteney Cox with Howard Stern this morning on his radio show. Did he cheat? Did Courteney cheat? How long have they been split up? Have they told their children? Why does Courteney have an extra ‘e’ in her name? Does…